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Here is where my skills are. There isn't much I can't do. TV over the fireplace... No Problem. Speakers out back... Simple. Hide those pesky wires in the wall... Easy. If you think it can't be done... I can come up with a solution. As one of my mentors once asked: "Have you seen the pyramids?" i.e. It can be done.  I have the skills to get the wires where they need to be. I have the skills to design and manage a project from start to finish. Let me professionally complete your system with nothing for you to do, but enjoy! Every installation ends with customer education on the system operation, and you will have my cell phone number, if you have any questions after I leave. 

Unlike the big box stores, the price I quote is the price you pay. I make sure that there are no hidden "after install fees". No hourly clock watching here. The price you see is the price you pay to get premium, professional, and custom installation of your home electronics.

*Prices include Labor and Installation materials only. TVs, Mounts & Equipment are not included



Big or small, there isn't a system that isn't exciting to me.  My goal is to share that excitement. Every step of your design process has been thought through to provide an enjoyable experience.  I know that while I work with electrics every day, many of my customers don't. I take into account your lifestyle, budget, and even your current and/or future décor, allowing your system to fit seamlessly into your home. And, of course, all systems are designed to incorporate my core business philosophy… SIMPLE to use

System design takes a couple steps. 

  1. Meet to establish lifestyle. For example do you watch movies or listen to music. If you answered "I only watch movies once a month" than maybe you wouldn't value a home theatre as much as Sonos Music.
  2. Establish a general system.
  3. Work out your budget. (where can you choose quality versus value)
  4. Finalize system. 
  5. Finalize price.  
  6. Establish timeframe & complete installation.